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Geotechnical Investigation

We are one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering Companies in India and can provide all related engineering value additions ranging from Field Investigations, Field Testing, Laboratory Testing & Analysis as well as Foundation Consultancy.

A summary of the services we provide in the Geotechnical section are as given below:

Field Exploration & Testing

  • Different types of Boring & Drilling
  • Trial pits with large Undisturbed Sampling, Bulk Sampling
  • Standard Penetration Test & Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
  • Static Cone Penetration Test and Vane Shear Test
  • Permeability Test (Pumping-Out & Pumping-In Tests)
  • Plate Load Test & Pile Load Test
  • Electrical Resistivity and Seismic Refraction Test
  • Block Vibration Test, Cyclic Plate Load Test and Cross Hole Test
  • Determination of California Bearing Ratio

Laboratory Testing

  • Strength Tests like – Triaxial Shear Test
  • Undrained with Pore Pressure Measurement, Consolidated Drained, Unconfined
  • Compression Test, Direct Shear Test, Vane Shear Test
  • Proctor Density Test
  • Compaction and Consolidation Tests
  • General Tests for determination of Index Properties of Soil
  • Tests for determination of Consistency Limits of Soil
  • Measurement of Swelling Pressure & Swelling Index
  • Permeability Tests
  • Determination of California Bearing Ratio
  • Determination of Crushing Strength and Co-efficient of Softening of Rocks
  • Point Load Test for determination of Tensile Strength of Rocks
  • Chemical Test of Soil & Water Samples for determining pH value and concentration of Ions

Foundation Consultancy

  • Calculation of Bearing capacity of Soil and Settlement of Foundation
  • Design of foundation for different sub-soil conditions
  • Slope-Stability Analysis for Embankments, Dams, Retaining-Walls etc.
  • Evaluation of Soil-reports prepared by other parties.


  • Engineering Survey and Drawing
  • Topographical Survey with DGPS, GPS & modern Total Stations
  • Levelling by Digital Level & Auto Level instruments.
  • Cadastral and Engineering Survey.
  • Hydrographic Survey through Total Station, Current meter, Echo-sounder etc.
  • Profiling, Contouring, Levelling, Curve setting, etc.
  • Route alignment for roads, bridges, pipelines, power lines etc.
  • As built survey for developed city regions.
  • Quantity survey after construction.
      Engineering Drawings
  • Creating Engineering drawings, Topographical Maps with the help of advanced softwares like ZWCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Auto Plotter etc.
  • Producing profile of existing landforms with help of softwares like MX-Road, In-Roads, PLS CADD.
  • Digitization of old revenue maps and cadastral maps.
  • Calculation of cut-fill volumes.
  • Preparation of Detailed survey Report.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report.
  • Digital Terrain Modeling of the topographical maps.

Highway Engineering

We are one of the few companies who can provide all interrelated services of Highway Engineering like Soil Investigation, Survey, Design of Structures etc.

We offer services for:

1.  Survey & Soil Data Collection
  • Detailed Topographical Survey
  • Geotechnical Investigation of Bridges and High Embankments
  • Traffic Studies and Analysis

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